The following Meetings are coming up in the Lakewood Springs HOA:

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 (7:00pm) South Clubhouse
     HOA Board Meeting
All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend these Meetings! 

As the weather begins to change, the Rip Rap Project around the water retention ponds will soon begin this Spring.  This is a $785,000 project that involves the rebuilding of the shoreline and laying down rock around the ponds.  This money comes from your Monthly Assessments so please remind your children to stay away from the rock area and DO NOT throw the rocks into the pond as they are put there for a reason.  This is a very costly expense to the Association & any additional repair work needing to be done due to missing rock & damages will be passed along to the homeowners.  Thank you for your help with keeping children away from this area.


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