Plano Area Chamber of Commerce

Dredging the Ponds

      The Pond Dredging project in the water retention ponds will begin the week of August 31, 2020 with the first pond being the large pond off of Kristen St. on the North side of the community. Dredging is a process of scraping the silt, sediment and other material that has built up over time off the bottom of the pond and disposing of it. This messy and sometimes unpleasant smelling task is required due to disturbed soil that is carried by storm-water runoff across surfaces like rooftops, streets & parking lots that ultimately ends up in the nearest water retention pond causing it to become shallower.
      This process greatly improves the water quality and the lives of fish in the ponds as well as reduced management costs, better water quality and a more aesthetically pleasing resource. You will see dredging equipment provided by Erosion Specialists located around the ponds in the coming months. Please remind children to stay away from this heavy equipment and process for their safety. Signs will be placed accordingly at each pond as the process begins and moves throughout the community. Dredging is a costly project that has been well planned for and will be paid for as a Reserve Expenditure. This is just one of the projects that your Board of Directors has been working on for the Lakewood Springs HOA community!

Tree Removal Project

There are approximately 56 trees currently that are severely diseased or have died from disease. Kramer Tree Company will be coming around the community’s common areas and removing the worst trees currently standing. Kramer Tree Company will be starting the week of August 31 and the affected trees will be marked with a large white circle at the base of the trunk. These trees could be in areas shadowing your backyard or along common parts. We realize that you may be shocked by the transformation; however, again, due to the trees either dying off or riddled with disease, the HOA does not have a choice but to remove them. The Board is working on a detailed plan with the landscapers and tree company to find a replacement solution; if possible. In some case removing the diseased tree will allow the surrounding tree to flourish and therefore a replacement tree is not warranted.

The Board of Directors have been informed that there are several additional trees that need to be removed from the community; however, this is a continuous project that will take a few seasons to complete. Please bear with us as management, the Board, the landscapers, and the tree specialists are working diligently to modify and beautify your community.

The Pools/Clubhouse
As counsel to the association and the association insurance company have advised, the pool will be closed for the season. 
Both North and South clubhouses will be closed for all activities until further notice. All rental fees and deposits will be refunded accordingly. 

Playgrounds are open at the sole risk of the user and minor child. Lakewood Springs is not responsible for any injury, illness, or fatality caused by activities performed within the park.








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