When:          Monday through Friday 12:00PM to 7:00PM

                         Saturday and Sunday 10:30 am to 8:00PM

   Where:        Lakewood Springs South/North Clubhouse

               501 Mitchell Drive, Plano, IL 60545 - South

                        900 Lakewood Springs Drive Plano, IL 60545 - North

   Who: All new residents from September 2019 and those who do not have passes

   You will need the following items:


  1.       Valid Driver’s License/State ID or Passport
  2.       Proof of residency (Utility Bill…)
  3.       Same name that is listed on Activity Report
  4.       HOA Assessment Balance MUST be Up-to-Date


         Homeowner/Adult is responsible for filling out form. It is ok for the homeowner(s) to add additional residents to list. (No Guests)


  1.      Current Lease with expiration date
  2.       Exhibit H – Homeowner contact information
  3.       Exhibit I- Tenant contact information
  4.       Exhibit J – Signatures of both Homeowners and Renter, agreeing to LWS       HOA Rules and Regulations


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